Are you using RCT lua or sensors? Look here!

I thought it would be cool to see how and where the small things I’ve shared during the years are used. So:

Send me a picture!

Are you using a DIY sensor based on something on RCT website? Are you using some of the lua-apps available on RCT? Then jump to contact page HERE and send me a pic and maybe a few words of the model!

I would like to use these pictures on RCT website to get something nice to look at on top of all the boring text! :)

Copyright of sent pictures

Copyright of the picture is always owned by the person who took the photo, by sending the picture you allow me to publish the picture here. Please mention if you do not want your name with the picture!

Tero w. Logo 800

Picture by “Kaapeli” – Tero & Logo 800

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