Alastair’s Box

Box for Jeti Test Sensor

Alastair didn’t have a suitable box in hand for the Jeti Test Sensor so he draw one in Fusion 360 and printed one. And it looks really nice:

When printed with black (APL, I assume) it looks very much usable:

And with plenty of space inside, also showing some of the wiring:

You can make one too

Since Alastair is a nice guy he shared the drawing in Thingiverse, take your browser there to print your own:

All pics from Alastair, published with permission.

2 thoughts on “Alastair’s Box

  1. Thanks for designing the sensor!! Hope this box helps others wanting to build one. Thank you for sharing on your site. I printed mine in the pictures in PLA (it was what was in the printer).

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