JETI Studio 1.1.0 released

One of the biggest updates to JETI Studio is here!

Version 1.1.0 new features and fixes

  • Backup and restoring of the transmitter configuration.
  • Backups management: browse and delete the backups in the JETI Studio database.
  • Log files synchronization between the transmitter and JETI Studio.
  • Transmitter update to the latest version.
  • Lua apps management: manage applications installed in the transmitter, now with well known apps!
  • The “Available Telemetry” window now shows also unique ID of each sensor to distinguish between sensors with the same name.
  • Log files imported from the MGPS sensor now contain also the “Impuls” variable.
  • A possibility to export the currently loaded log file has been added to the File menu.
  • Fixed GPS trace that has been recorded by thirt-party GPS sensors. Coordinates with exact position (0.0,0.0) are not considered valid.
  • Fixed application crash if the GPS trace is not valid at all.
  • Fixed sporadic application crash while browsing the data table window.
  • Fixed disappearing sensors in the data table widget.
  • DC/DS-24 Emulator is now based on 4.27 firmware

Where is it?

It’s not up on Jetimodel website yet so open your JETI Studio and go to “Help” -> “Check for updates” or run maintenancetool from JETI Studio folder!

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