JETI Firmware 4.27 is out!

Another update on same day, Jetimodel is on fire today!

DC/DS-14/16/24 Firmware 4.27 Released

New features:

  • Added the latest device definitions for REX Assist receivers, standard REX receivers and other devices.
  • Updated voice announcements for REX A receivers (new telemetry variables, such as Roll, Pitch, G-Force).
  • Added Swedish language (currently with English voice output).
  • DITEX telemetry support (see notes).
  • In the Timers/Sensors – Vario menu you can now create up to three independent configurations based on the switch position. You can set different e.g. climb/sink rates for each switch position. You can assign even different sensor variables.


  1. DS-14/16/24: System – View Inputs menu now displays positions of the installed switches correctly according to their visual state.
  2. DS-24: Preflight position check now works also for P9 and P10 controls on the backplate.
  3. DC/DS-24: Up to 6 controls available for selection in Advanced Properties – Sound of Proportional Controls menu (previously 4).
  4. Sensors can be renamed in Timers/Sensors – Sensors/Logging
  5. DC/DS-24: In Advanced Properties – Sound of Proportional Controls menu you can set a vibration alarm at center position of the selected controls/sticks.
  6. In the Timers/Sensors – Alarms menu you can see also the converted and actual values of the alarm variable.
  7. The Telemetry Controls are now able to process range of values greater than -32768 … 32767 (internally uses 32-bit registers).
  8. The System – Info form has been modified so that now it displays frequency band of the embedded RF modules.
  9. The Emulated controls in Advanced Properties – Wireless Module/Trainer menu now take into account the activation position if the 2- or 3-position switch is assigned to the function. Now you can use e.g. a three-position switch on a student’s transmitter to flip between 3 flight phases on the teacher.
  10. Lua: Debug output is not limited to 60 characters per line anymore (in case the text output is longer than 128 characters, it will be split to 2 lines).
  11. Lua: Added “:backspace” internal image.
  12. Lua for PC Emulator: File I/O operations are now always in binary mode.
  13. Lua: Added functions system.registerLogVariable() and system.unregisterLogVariable() (see Lua API V1.3 for more details).
  14. Lua: Added “sensorName” return parameter to the system.getSensors() function.
  15. Lua: Added io.readline() function.
  16. Lua: The form.addIcon() function can now accept system images.
  17. Lua: system.getInputs() is now able to read positions of the DS-24 backplate (P9, P10, SMSP).
  18. Lua: Added lcd.renderer() related functions for rendering antialiased polygons and polylines.
  19. If the transmitter is connected to the PC via USB, the OS command to safely remove a usb device will now work correctly.
  20. If the transmitter is connected to the PC via USB, it detects whether a backup has been applied using JETI Studio. It automatically offers you to shut down the transmitter after disconnecting from PC, which helps to preserve all files from the backup valid.
  21. The DC-24 Emulator (PC software) is now able to reload Lua applications on request. Lua status text at the bottom of the application is now selectable.
  22. Antialiased rendering of smooth curves (see Fine Tuning – Function Curves menu, Servo Balancer, mixer curves or Data Analyzer chart).
  23. If the Teacher mode is selected in Advanced Properties – Wireless Modes/Trainer, the teacher has now always full control over the airplane (with 100% gain) when flying together with a student.
  24. English telemetry description and strings can be translated to any language according to the transmitter language.
  25. If a 2- or 3-position switch is selected in the Input Selection dialog, the position of the switch is displayed.

Tero’s notes

There’s a few things here I really like:

  • Possibility to rename sensors is a huge step forward to better user-experience. Now we have more freedom on the looks of main screen.
  • Telemetry-controls handling bigger values. Yes. There’s people with for example over 32000mAh batteries.
  • Switch-defining with graphical display of switch-position. Surprisingly handy!
  • Lua: system.registerLogVariable() and system.unregisterLogVariable(), something I have waited. No need to make special-purpose log-files, now we are allowed to write to the actual log-file! (Expect RFID-app to get a conversion!)
  • Lua: lcd.renderer(), smooooooth stuff on screen!

Use the just updated JETI Studio 1.1.0 to update or grab the update from Jetimodels site here!


    One thought on “JETI Firmware 4.27 is out!

    1. Tero,
      Have you tried the sensor re-naming feature. I can't get the new new names to "stick" after my transmitter (DS-16) is powered off. When I restart the transmitter and turn on my plane (CB200 w/(2) R3/RSW's) the sensor name reverts back to the original name.

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