RCT Firmware Uploader Updated!

A small but sometimes irritating issue with RCT Firmware Uploader is now fixed.

Slow USB-adapters

There’s been a few cases where users USB-adapter have been a bit slow to respond. Reasons may vary but solution is to trim the timings in RCT FW Uploader a bit more.

If you have had any issues please try the latest version 1.0.6 from this link.

5 thoughts on “RCT Firmware Uploader Updated!

  1. Hy Tero,
    I´m new in building Jeti-Sensors.
    My first project is the Variometer.
    But I have a great problem:
    I have installed your Uploder 1.06
    I choose the .hex file, downloaded from your site.
    I choose the COM Port 3 (the only one I get).
    But allways when I say upload and push the reset button on the arduino (quick or a bit later),
    I get the answer: Upload failed, please retry!!!
    I do´nt know what to do now.
    My Converter is the model: CNT-003A from www.cnewtec.com
    While waiting, the green LED on the arduino is on and the red one is rhythmically flashing.
    Thanks for help…
    Thomas from germany

    1. Hi Thomas First confirm in Windows device manager that the port is ok, it should not have any yellow exclamation mark etc on it. If it's not ok you have a driver-issue. You can also test this: unplug programmer from PC, then start RCT-Uploader, do you have a COM3? If you do it's not the programmer's port. If not plug the programmer to PC, wait a few seconds and press "Scan" in RCT-Uploader. If you now have the COM3 in the list it's correct and COM-port is ok.

      With RCT-Uploader comes two blink-hex's, try to upload them to Arduino, all they do is blink arduino's led, great for testing.

      During programming no led's should be on in Arduino, if led's blink in Arduino it's not in programming mode.

  2. Hy Tero,

    thank you for your help. In the meantime I have no more problems.
    The test with your blink-hex was succsessfull. I have had 2 wrong things.
    First, I had to change the Tx and Rx cables (Tx on the converter has to go to Rx on the arduino).
    Second, the downloaded hex file was in the right format, it was in html.
    After changing both, everything is allright.
    I have build my first own variosensor. But there ist now a new problem, I`ll write it next and I hope,
    you can help me too…
    Thanks a lot

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