Jetimodel DS-24 & Assist News

Jetimodel have added some new info to their website, let’s have a quick look.

DS-24 Product Page

Is now available here. Info on tech-specs, all color’s presented and manuals for version 4.24 up for grabs.

(Picture from Jetimodel)

As usual with Jeti transmitters, internals are interesting :)

(Picture from Jetimodel)

Unfortunately no picture from backside of the transmitter, would’ve been cool to see the switch & button layout of those.

Assist Receivers

Jeti Assist receivers product-pages are also out, available models (REX 6A, 7A, 10A and 12A) are here. One good source for making setup with extra-receivers or central-boxes easier is the also added page of dedicated tech-support page here.

For example very easy explained setup with CentralBox 200:

(Picture from Jetimodel)

What I really liked was the very easy setup-info added to that page:

REX A settings:

Fail-SafeFail-Safe typeOutput periodE1E2Stabilize EX Bus
EnabledIntelligent7-20msPPM InputEX BusYES

RSat2 or RSat 900 settings:

Fail-SafeOutput periodOutput typeReceiver modePPM mode
DisabledAutoPPM positiveNormalDirect

Should not present any issues setting things up, excellent!

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  1. I’ll have all Assist receivers in stock next week just for Xmas delivery in Finland

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