WarmTX in stock again – Prepare for winter!

Finally, at last I got my needed components for WarmTX, the savior of hands in the colder weathers!



WarmTX is designed by a Finnish guy called Xen some years ago. The idea, construction and choice of components is very thoroughly tested by Finnish RC-heli community during these years. Since Xen is more of a design-guy and I’m more of a assembling-guy we came up with this scenario where RC-Thoughts is getting WarmTX out to a wider audience. WarmTX is designed and assembled in Finland.


Plug in battery, set the level. Enjoy. It really is that easy. If you are having a long day on the field and need to change the battery WarmTX automatically starts on the same level it had when you unplugged the battery.


  • 3S to 6S LiPo capable
  • 15W to 75W heating level in six steps
  • LED indication of selected heating level
  • Automatic cut-off, never deep discharge your batteries in mistake!
  • Memory of last used setting – Just change battery and enjoy!

So, head on to shop and see what it could do for you!

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