Jeti Assist receivers available!

Hacker-Motor have today posted info on Assist-receivers:

so EU-users have oppoptunity to test the long-awaited “All-In-One” receivers.

New Device Bin’s

You also need new device-files ot put in your transmitters /Devices folder. These are also available from Hacker-Motor HERE, I tried to search for them in Jetimodel’s site but maybe they’ll be there a bit later. The Assist-bin’s is in the “Gerätedateien/Device Files REX Assist” Zip-package and they are dated 30.10.2017 so they’re really the latest available.

Hacker-Motors new website

I kinda like it :) Looks great, should be easy to use with tablet and touchscreen too, great job! I could not find DE/EN-language selection but maybe that’ll be there sometime. In the mean time I can refresh my school-german from 35 years ago :) The shop has EN available, so shopping for Assist for example is easy!

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