CB400 Firmware Update – 900MHz

Jetimodel just released firmware 1.09 for Central Box 400.

Now with 3 satellites

Main purpose is to keep the traditional 2 satellites and add a possibility to use RSat 90o as third. As we know 900MHz is a great backup with DC/DS-24 transmitters where 900MHz has a big opportunity to save your model if 2.4GHz is disturbed.

Third receiver is connected to Ext1 which now supports options “Expander”, “EX-bus” and “Receiver”. In case of 3rd receiver used Ext1 needs to be programmed as “Receiver” and the RSat 900 (or additional 2.4GHz receiver) is programmed as EX bus.

(Picture from Jetimodel release notes)

Firmware 1.09

According release notes no additional changes have been made. Get your’s from Jetimodels site here.

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