VarioMeter got a BIG update!

One of the most popular DIY-sensors is the RCT Jeti VarioMeter, and it just got even better!

Jeti VarioMeter v1.2 changes

This is one of the biggest function-changes I have made to a sensor. Let’s see what’s new:

More sensor-board possibilities

Following sensor-boards are compatible with Jeti VarioMeter:

  • BMP085
  • BMP180
  • BMP280
  • BME280

The most accurate is the BME280, it also gives you one additional sensor-value, humidity (rH). What is cool is that all sensors have same connection to Arduino, just make sure to get the I2C version.

Firmware is now One-For-All

Until now you had to choose your firmware by the sensor-module you are using. Now you make the sensor-module select on first use. Setting is “set-and-forget”, meaning you do not need to change it afterwards.

This all makes updating and future work easier for me too :)

Vario-calculation is fully re-worked!

User nightflyer88 posted a example of a VERY efficient vario-calculation code. Not only does it give a big improvement in accuracy but it also allows for big impact on speed. Vario is pretty much real-time now and not only that, it’s also more accurate. Big thanks for that!

Altitude-performance is improved

As the vario gor better, so did altitude. We can now get accuracy of 10-30cm (1ft)! Just make sure the sensor is positioned in a place with so little draft as possible.

Update yours now!

Get the info on new version on updated Jeti VarioMeter page here and the new firmware from Github in here. (For uploading don’t forget RCT Firmware Uploader here!)

2 thoughts on “VarioMeter got a BIG update!

  1. Hi Tero
    Looking at the Adafruit libraries it could look like you can call each of the "begin" routines and expect a false result if the chip used is not supported by that library.
    For me it could indicate that it will be possible to call the different "begin" routines and if the result you get back is true set the senType value based on that.
    This will make the code select the chip in the sensor without the need to set it using the Jetibox menu.
    Just an idea, as I don't have any of the BMP/BME chips to test the idea.

    1. That's a very cool idea. I see one issue with it tho, there are different identifiers on these especially when bought cheaply from Ebay and China. Safest bet is to make the user to select it, it is after all a "set-and-forget" setting. But definitely something to look at, thanks for the tip!

      By the way, there will be a small update soon, the filter values will be possible to tune from Jetibox so every user can get the most out of the VarioMeter.

      This really is big fun, I'm learning something new almost every day :)

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