RC-Thoughts Merchandise now available!

Well, basically this started as a egoistic desire to get some T-shirts and hoodies. But to get custom and good quality print was not that easy so I begun reading about these “design your own T-Shirt shop”-reviews. I quickly came to conclusion that making a shop with Cafepress was at the top of my options.

Cafepress has widely been reviewed as delivering good quality products with reasonable prices. No wonder that for example according reviewers E! Online and Unicef uses Cafepress.

One great advantage with Cafepress is their shipping. One T-Shirt is shipped with 4,99USD in US, 7€ to Germany and 10€ home to me in Finland. (Long way to Scandinavia…)

RC-Thoughts.com Merchandise

There’s T-shirts, light or dark colors, organic, hoodies with or without zipper, caps, tank-tops for the ladies and some really cute apparel for infants & toddlers too :) All apparel has a small logo in the front and big on the back. There are some exceptions so check the pictures.

And of course. I like my coffee so there’s coffee mugs!

Custom possibility!

If you are not happy how the logo is positioned etc there is some room for customization. Back logo can be removed on all clothes, front-logo can be made as big in the center etc. Just shout out via contact-page here and I’ll and the config you want.

No Jeti-logo?

No, sorry. That logo is owned by jetimodel and I do not have rights to use it in merchandise, sorry.

Where’s the shop?

Easiest is to click the picture below or in the sidebar to the right!!

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