Jeti Fuel Sensor – Big update!

Ever since Jeti Fuel Sensor was released here I have had my email going pretty hot. mainly there was two things readers wanted, first was bigger compatibility with flow-modules needing more that two fixed pulse-per-liter values and second was the fact that apparently Conrad ships flow-sensors with different pulse-count with same specs. This of course results in very strange calibration values.

Changes in version 1.3

Quite a lot. The philosophy with calibration is changed, the choice of two different modules is gone. you can now choose any Bio-Tech FCH-M Low Flow module you want as long as it gives out pulse and operates at 5VDC voltage.


Jetibox menus got a big re-work, I have began to avoid Up-button as much as possible. It simply works too poorly so the “Up&Dn”-reset’s have been changed. Please read instructions on that!

Biggest change is the way we take sensor in operation. Now all flow-modules needs to be teached to sensor. There is a few advantages on this:

  • Very much improved accuracy straight from the box
  • Possibility to use variety of flow-modules! Something Jetimodel does not have :)
  • Quite hard to get it wrong!

Important! Read!

If you are happy with your current sensors operation and you feel it’s accurate then you do not need to do anything. If you have been fighting the calibration then you might want to update. If you have a non-compatible sensor then update and it suddenly works :)

So, head on to updated Jeti Fuel Sensor page here and have a look!

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