REX Assist news

Looks like REX Assist receivers are out too soon. At least their manual is :)

REX Assist features

Not too bad when browsing through the list:

  • Up to 16 stabilized airplane channels
  • Different multicopters, from tri to octo
  • 3 flight modes with option to stabilize horizon and altitude
  • In-flight gain tuning using free channels
  • Includes 3-axis gyroscope and accelerometer, also has barometric pressure sensor
  • Support for external ultrasonic altimeter
  • Support for WS2812 led-strips
  • Support for external servo-driven camera gimbal
  • Intelligent fail-safe
  • Vibration analysis
  • Full Transmitter integration
  • PC setup possibility

Telemetry options are reported as:

  • Receiver voltage
  • Signal quality
  • G-Force
  • Attitude orientation
  • Up to three more sensors can be added

What else fun is there in the manual?

Hmm, let’s see. Looks like setup is easy, a easy to follow wizard is available, for example a lot of different plane-types. After setup there’s a quite familiar look (at least to heli-guys) what comes about gain-settings:

Airspeed compensation is also of course included. As we know the faster we fly the lower the gain needs generally to be.

Led Strip!

This is something new. RES Assist output can be configured as LED-output.


Available features include for example “Roll to left/Right” and possibility to control up to 14 colors. Pretty in pink anyone?

Servo Output Pins

They have quite a lot choices on pins now too:

  • Servo
  • Digital Input
  • Digital Output
  • Motor 1-8 (Multi, ESC’s)
  • Camera control (Roll, Tilt/pitch, Pan/yaw)
  • PPM Positive Output
  • PPM Negative Output
  • PPM Input
  • Jetibox/Sensor EX
  • EX Bus
  • Serial UDI 12/16
  • LED Strip

Seems like someone’s been busy. One does begin to understand the versatility of this new receiver. Here’s a table from possibilities:

Y1 – Y12 = Servo output, Digital In/Out, Motor 1-8, Camera Roll/Pitch/Yaw


Yes, it’s there. I’m quite interested of G-Force functionality. Should be fun :)

The max rates can be very useful in training and tuning especially gyros. Roll/Pitch/Yar rates are reported as max 2000°/s so should be quite enough for majority of us. Well, except for Tamas “Tail Happy” Levardi of course :)

Where’s the manual?

It was on RC-Groups Jeti-thread, here. Apparently not yet on Jetimodels website. Why is by the way Jetimodel always so slow with the website? We know for a fact that DS-24 is shipping and it’s not even on Jetimodel’s transmitters-page here. C’mon guys :)

3 thoughts on “REX Assist news

  1. Hi there, I will pick up tomorrow my Rex 10 Assist, just saw a video of artificial horizon on ds-24, do you know if this may work with DS-16? Can’t find info abt it anywhere…


  2. I’ll play with it in the weekend and come back here to report. Disappointed it must be close to CG, the other gyro I have on the jet doesn’t need to. Planning to use it on the new Avanti Mini S with P20, as would give me the possibility to not use a dedicated gyro but I’ll put it first in a plane I won’t cry if something happens :)

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