Jeti VarioMeter updated

A small update to Jeti VarioMeter:


  • Altitude redefined
  • Separate values for absolute altitude and relative altitude
  • Naming of altitudes makes Jeti now announce right sensor-type when using telemetry announcement

I also found a small error in the new library which is also corrected.

Get the update and enjoy Jeti VarioMeter here!

2 thoughts on “Jeti VarioMeter updated

  1. Hi Tero,
    Can I use the more precise MS5611 instead of BP280 for the vario?
    Is there anything to change in the sketch/library?

    Best Regards

  2. You can of course use it. The library needs to be changed and how the values are pulled from sensor-module. Cool thing about MS5611 library is that it gives relative and absolute altitude without own calculation but that's not a big deal. The "manual" calculation in BMP280 allows us to reset the relative altitude which needs to be done in a different way with MS5611.

    But yes, very possible. There's quite many comparisons in the web (youtube too) and looking at the values I think there's no practical advantage to use one over the other.

    I don't have any MS5611 so I cannot write code or test it myself.

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