Jeti GPS-Sensor updated!

Firmware version 1.4 is out for Jeti GPS-Sensor.

Added functions

  • Variometer (Experimental!)


  • Altitude redefined
  • Separate values for absolute altitude and relative altitude
  • Naming of altitudes makes Jeti now announce right sensor-type when using telemetry announcement

Hardware news

  • Tested to work also with more precise NEO-M8N
  • Backwards compatible with NEO-6M

So, head on to Jeti GPS-Sensor page HERE and have a peek!


11 thoughts on “Jeti GPS-Sensor updated!

  1. You recommand to use the M8N instead of M6. However, there is a significant difference : the M8N has no USB interface. How to link the M8N with the UBlox U-Center software ?
    Beside, the GY-GPS-V3 NEO is quite big and heavy (taking into account the big antenna). It is not a problem in a large model but it could be in small ones. Do you have an idea to reduce the weight and size of this GPS sensor ?
    Thanks a lot for all your plans. I like them a lot.

    1. You can use M8N with UBlox U-Center via M8N-boards serial port just fine :)
      What comes to size and weight there are options (Example here: )

      How the performace is affected is unknown to me. IF the size and(or weight is an issue with the DIY-solution there's always the possibility to get a Jetimodel GPS.

      Jetimodel's MGPS is 50 x 30 x 12,5 mm with 24gr of weigth, NEO-M8 module is reported as 36 x 25 x 11 (with antenna) and weight around the same. Arduino thickness needs to be added so the size and weight is actually very close between devices.

      Mu philosophy with DIY-sensors is "easy and affordable" and that means ready modules widely available. If you really need to go to lenghts of weight- and size-saving then it's time to open PCB-drawing software and soldering iron. Very possible of course :)

  2. Hi,

    I have some issues with the GPS Sensor. I tries a neo-6m and a neo-8m module.
    The sensor is used with a DC-24, FW:4.24
    Issues :
    – Latitude is not or only for milisecond shown in telemetry screen, mostly it shows 0000…, longitude works fine
    – JetiBox functions are not available but sensor ist shown as RCT Jeti Tools v.1.5
    Do you have any idea what the problem could be?
    Thanks for your ideas and work,

    1. Answered to email, let's do the discussion there. But please check the port-settings in receiver.

    2. I have the exact same problem. Could you provide me with a solution, please?

      Per Stenkilde.

      1. Please use the contact-page, send me pictures so I can see the connections and have a look.

  3. I have the same problem as above. I verified wiring to be correct and have uploaded the 1.6 version. I can see the longitude and altitude but not the latitude. It show's zeros but very very briefly every 10 seconds or so I can see a latitude but is not correct. Please advise if I need to try something else. Thank you!! We appreciate all your sensor work!

    1. You need the resistor. I just verified 1.6 hex with DS-16, REX6 and R9 receivers, everything worked correctly. We'll continue in email if needs to be after you added the resistor :)

  4. One more thing, if you change between Basic and Extended mode, you do remember to do sensor-search, right?

  5. Hello Tero,

    I try to make your Jeti GPS-Sensor.
    I have APM2.5 UBlox NEO-M8N with Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V 8Mhz.
    I upload your sketch with "RCT Firmware Uploader" or with "Arduno IDE".

    I can see sensor and all items (Latitude, Longitude, Speed, …) in transmiter, but without correct values.
    NEO-M8N have correct data. It is confirmed by LED on NEO-M8N.
    I think that have some problem with comunication between NEO and arduino.

    I try to uploud example sketch "DeviceExample.ino" from library "TinyGPSPlus".
    I can see corect data from NEO-M8N in serial monitor with thish sketch.
    I must only change parameters for comunication (RX pin, TX pin and communication speed) in this sketch.
    I use following settings:
    static const int RXPin = 8, TXPin = 9;
    static const uint32_t GPSBaud = 9600;

    All files (sketch, library) are from your gitHUB.

    Can you help me please?
    I have folowing question.
    – Where is setting for comunication between Arduino and GPS modul in your sketch?
    – I see in your release notes that comunication for jeti is change from 9600 to 9800.
    Is it global setiing for all serial lines or each serial lines have separated speed?
    – Can I see some data in arduino serial monitor from your "RCT-GPS_Sensor.ino"?
    I receive some data but these data data is unreadable.
    What is comunication speed for arduino serial monitor?

    Thank you for your support.


    1. It sounds a bit like the serial speed betweeb sensor and receiver is almost right but not quite. The behavior would be that you do get the sensor-names to transmitter but values are bad or missing.

      Depending on the receiver you may need to change the jeti serial between 9700, 9800 or even 9900 for some old receivers. It's a pain in the butt and I have a solution for that but so far not the time to fix all sensors, unfortunately.

      No, when Arduino serial is in jeti use you cannot use serial monitor, thi slibrary uses Arduino Tx/Rx to communicate to receiver.

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