Jeti VarioMeter released

Since the Jeti AltMeter done here uses air pressure to get altitude the way to vario sensor was relatively short. Turned out filtering and smoothing the vario value did take some work but with excellent help from scimart’s testing it turned out quite nice.

Jeti VarioMeter features

  • Measures Altitude in meters or feet
  • Calculates zero when powered, does not bother about sea-level etc.
  • Measures temperature in celsius or fahrenheit
  • Variometer outputs vertical speed in m/s or ft/s
  • Measures airpressure in hPa or inHG
  • User selectable localization option between EU or US units
  • Possibility to reset altitude manually
  • Can be used with Jetibox also


Schematic is the same as in AltMeter, this means if you have built the AltMeter you can update it to VarioMeter with new functions!


Thanks to scimart’s testing we have a straight comparison between RCT Jeti VarioMeter and Jetimodel MVARIO:

Not too bad from a sensor with 1/18th of the cost :)

Read more HERE.

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