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Jet World Masters are this year held in Jämijärvi, Finland. Called “Jämi”, Jämijärvi is just ~80km from Tampere where I live so I’m lucky to have the possibility to visit the venue quite easily.

Teams still arriving

The arriving of Jet teams from different countries have started yesterday and while there was still quite a lot of empty spots there was still a lot to see. I was hoping a little to see some practice-flights which are scheduled for all days to saturday but weather was not the perfect so no jets in the air during my visit.

But, I was granted access to from public closed plane hangar and had opportunity to take some quick shots of planes and some details.

BAe Hawk Mk 51 1:3,5

Petri Mäkelä’s (FIN) Hawk is a beautiful, very detail-rich scale model that is really a pleasure to examine. The longer you look at it the more you see thought-of details and one is left wondering “how does he do that?”

For example, take the information-plate for hydraulic-oil:

You can read all the text, the plate is dirty as it should, it’s fastened the “right way” etc. Details are endless. You can also see the “weathering” of plane, it’s used and it looks like it too.

One can get a glimpse of the scale of the plate when we zoom out a bit:

The hydraulic oil plate is in fuselage behind the wings. And this is just one of the details. How about the weapon-release system in wings:

All the mounting holes, labels, fastening equipment etc are there. One thing that we kinda expect to be detailed is cockpit. Let’s have a look:

Looking at the labels in the seat reveals that there is nothing forgotten:

The pilot also looks, of course, like pilot:

And yes, the dash i the cockpit:

One can only wonder about the hours that goes into this level of detailing. Here’s a possibility to see about the scale, that’s Petri himself in the background:

Do you see the “wheelbar” just under the nose of the plane? It’s actually also in scale! It’s the bar used on the airfield when plane is transported on the ground with a vehicle. Bar attaches to nose-wheel and needless to say it also work in this scale. There’s one interesting detail on it:

The really small label of approvement is actually signed by a person signing them in real life! (I hope I don’t remember that detail wrong.) Looking at the bar in real life one can notice that those stickers are tiny, I mean really tiny.

Scale Jets, more scale jets

Of course there is quite a variety of Jets to be seen:

Some detail-shots

After coming home and looking on the pics it looks like I have a thing for landing-gear, what do you think? :)

Here’s some refreshing colors in another BAe Hawk:

And the text on the fuselage:

Nice Yak 130, for some reason this is something I’m waiting for to see in the air:

The cockpit of another Yak 130:


Official mascot!

No gathering of this scale is nothing without the official mascot. In JWM 2017 it’s Vinka, if my memory don’t fail me ca.12 weeks old. (Info about the name here!) Vinka is little tired on the late afternoon :)

What’s next?

Looking at the program in Jet World Master webpage we can see that there’s flight-practice up to saturday and opening ceremonies are scheduled for sunday. Opening program is fantastic, during morning some scale-jets flying, after that presentation of all kind of RC-hobbies and as main event a flight-show with full scale jets including Saab AJS 37 Viggen, Fouga CM 170 Magister, Finnsih Air Force’s acrobatic team The Midnight Hawks, also a full scale BAe Hawk Mk 51 and so on.

If you’re in Finland make sure to visit!

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  1. Hi Tero, really awesome jet models with incredible details and scale appearance – more small jets than model planes! Thanks for the first hand report and beautiful photos, please keep on posting about the JWM 2017! Thank you in advance and greetings from The Netherlands!

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