Jeti GPS-Sensor updated

Well. This was embarrassing :) My Jeti GPS-Sensor has a HDOP-value shown in extended mode. I thought i had everything sorted out correctly but as Martin Harris found out I had the value totally wrong.

The error

HDOP is generally good if it’s under 20. And if the value is under 1 it’s about as good as it gets. Martin noticed that when having 8-10 satellites to get a fix on (NEO-6M can fix on 6 satellite at a time) the value was 85 to 105. After I read the datasheet again and then read TimyGPS++ library I found out that library gives right value, I just did not make it to a two-decimal value…

Fixed in version v.1.1

So, head on to github here and get the updated 1.1 version if you are using extended mode!

Sorry for the hazzle, you’ll find me in the corner for a while, ashamed :)

Photo by Daniel Larson – Published with permission

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