Optiguard Optiswitch

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Optipowers Ultraguard. Brilliant little device keeping power to RX and servos for a while in case of ESC/BEC/Main battery failure, really affordable insurance.


Optipower is finally receiving the little gadget we have been waiting for all these years. The possibility to shut down Ultraguard after flight remotely. We all know that installation might sometime be in awkward or hard to reach place so this really is a great update as can be seen in this video from Fast-lad.

As seen in video Optiswitch has a shutdown button and possibility to be controlled from a channel in receiver. Great.

But hey, haven’t I seen this before?

Yes, you have! Right here (and here) on RC-Thoughts, already two years ago with LogicSwitch… Little slow those guys at Optipower :)

So there you have it, RC-Thoughts ahead of it’s time! :)

FYI: Optiguard is actually designed by R2 Prototyping, same guy makes JLog :)

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