Hot air balloon – Record attempt in Finland

Newspaper Keskisuomalainen in Finland published news today of a record attempt in Tikkakoski, Finland. Attempt was to use hot air balloon and go to 10 000 meters (~32 800 ft) and make a parachute-jump by Timo Toivonen from Kouvola, Finland. News in finnish here.

Unfortunately they experienced flame-out and were unable to achieve target altitude. They did manage to get the flame back on and did rise over 9 000 meters for the second time but then clouds prohibited the jump.

The did most likely achieve a Finnish altitude-record with hot air balloon, this will be confirmed after data from flight have been read, let’s hope for the best on that one.

Hot air balloon belongs to Pallolennot Aeronaut from Jyväskylä and was piloted by Markku Sipinen.

Why is this on RC-Thoughts, that’s not RC is it?

Nope, it’s not RC :) But I got information that RC-Thoughts had a small part of the record attempt, look below for the picture from Kimmo Hannula (Published with permission):

RC-Thoughts WarmTX kept the instrumentation at lowest on -1°C (~30°F) when outside temperature was as low as -56°C (~69°F).  Not bad at all :)



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