Introducing Lua Hub

Since Jetimodel released firmware 4.22 enabling all Lua for all transmitters in the DC/DS-range the logical conclusion is that possibilities and user-field for Lua is wider now than ever.

However the user-written Lua apps are either not shared at all or they are buried deep in the threads on various forums making them hard to find.

This is where I think RC-Thoughts might be to assistance!

Introducing Lua Hub!

RC-Thoughts is offering a service where authors can submit their apps conveniently via contact-page and get their app listed in Lua Hub here. Really, could not be more simple than that!

All submitted apps will be tested by RC-Thoughts before submitting to page to ensure they run. Of course some apps might have functions I’m not able to test so as usual, testing functions before using them on the field is elementary. But we all do that anyway, right?

And yes, first user-submitted Lua app is already there!


I’m hoping this not only spread the fun of writing Lua apps but also spread the versatility of Jeti transmitters!

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