Jeti Hall RPM-Sensor updated!

The “5$ Hall-Sensor”-project here have been overhauled totally today!


  • Measures revolutions per minute between 0 and 65535 rpm in steps of 60 rpm
  • Installs as a normal sensor to transmitter
  • New! Gives two RPM-values, RPM Motor and RPM Main
  • New! All settings done with Jetibox
  • New! Settings are stored on Arduino and stays there even if unpowered
  • Update speed is really good
  • Very reliable and steady when magnet / sensor installation is done properly

You can choose if sensor is on motor (Nitro, gasoline engines) or on the main gear (heli’s for example), you can set amount of magnets, you can set your gearing without calculating any gear ratios, just insert gear’s teeth’s conveniently via Jetibox. Could not be easier to set up!


Of course there’s some pics to post!



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