Channel Value Announcer

Sometimes you just need to see the exact value of a channel. Not the input stick/switch but the actual value of a channel transmitter is sending out to receiver. Unfortunately we cannot read that the “old way” with Jeti but fortunately it’s possible with Lua.

One forum-user needed this for easier setup of heli’s gyro-channel. As we know it can be fine-adjusted during flight but since it’s usually per flight mode it can be a bit tricky to get the exact value after a flight with more than flight mode. (And that’s pretty much all flights with a heli).

So, Lua to rescue.

Channel Value Announcer



Function is simple:

  • User sets a channel between 1 and 24
  • User sets time interval of voice announcements between 3 and 60 seconds
  • User defines a switch for activating announcement

Really, cannot be much more easier than that.

How it works

App reads the output value of defined channel. When user flips the switch app makes an voice announcement of “Output minus 73 percent” as an example.

Now, if user leaves the switch on the announcement is repeated with user set time intervals. So user can use either a momentary switch for one-time announcement or leave the switch on and follow the changes.

As a small bonus I added a real-time telemetry window in case user would like to follow the channel on main screen.


Get the app:

Tested on DS-16 and DC-24, both with firmware 4.22. Released under MIT-license with no warranty.

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