Altitude Announcer released

A user approached with a (to me) quite special request. He’s towing gliders up and needed a function from a commercial altitude-sensor where altitude would be announced with 50 meters intervals.

I thought this might be a good programming challenge so I started making the app, it was not without issues but now it’s ready!

Alt Announcer

A simple app in itself:

Featured functions

  • Selectable altitude-interval 0-1000
  • Announces altitude at every intervall
  • Selectable max. altitude
  • Switch selection to enable/disable
  • Can be used with feet and meter
  • Works with all altitude-sensors

Note: This a first app from RC-Thoughts Jeti Tools that require firmware 4.22! This is due some commands used that were presented in 4.22.

The best part: Works with all Duplex-transmitters from 14 to 24.


From here, enjoy!

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