Lua 12-Hour Clock released

This is a request-app from the land of the eagle, US. They use some strange formats like pounds in weight, oz in volume and some strange things called “feet” and “inches” in length. And nothing has anything to do with each others when converting. Strange people… :)

Anyway, they don’t use the 24-hour clock as we other’s and Jeti does not offer the possibility to use 12-hour clock so let’s make one.

12-Hour clock features

Features are plain and simple. You have the choice of small or big telemetry-screen to your display where time is displayed in 12-hour format with am/pm symbol. And that’s it.

More information in app-page here.


3 thoughts on “Lua 12-Hour Clock released

  1. Hello;
    I have read some of your comments and they are very very useful.
    You have a lot of knowledge. Congrats!

    I am into Jeti radios now and would like to program using LUA. I am an expert in embedded programming/PC programming, so no need to start with simple things, however a source code example would be fine to get me going.
    Could you pleas point me into the right direction?
    All the best

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