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Ever since I posted the RFID-Sensor how-to here and the Lua-app RFID-Battery here I have got emails asking for a sensor.

So I thought that why not make a few, not everyone likes to solder or everyone is not that interested in touching Arduino. Or they are just lazy, what do I know :)


As we know there is a few wires in there, that makes it somehow hard to make a small series of sensors with equal size. So I designed a small PCB to come between RFID- and Arduino-boards. They just arrived so I had to put one quickly together and test it, I have to be learning something since the sensors worked right away…

The sensor I made for myself with wires was about 8,8mm thick, with this small PCB in between thickness is around 8.6mm so I actually gained a little which was a positive news

I also planned a bit ahead, the 2.4kΩ resistor in today’s prototype is a normal sized but in the final product will be replaced with SMD-model for cleaner overall look. I have solder pads for that ready in PCB.

The wire to receiver is ~30cm long and is soldered to middle-pcb, not to Arduino. This makes it more durable since there are no sharp turns in it.

When and how much?

Sometime. Waiting for SMD-resistors and shrink-wrap. I also think I need some cute stickers for it.. The price is still a small question, but excpect a lot more than DIY-version. I have to pay all the taxes etc, packing etc is not free and  I have to get something for my work too.

2 thoughts on “Project RC-Thoughts RFID

  1. That is very cool!

    Can I buy a couple of the PCBs to use for my DIY builds? I have everything else but haven't started to build them. I have plenty of winter remaining here so no need to rush the build. Very much willing to wait until you have them available. I love the DIY approach but I also like the clean layout of this solution and would like to incorporate it into my builds.

    Thanks you for your effort in this. I only wish the DS-14 had LUA so I could take full advantage of the system.

    I might just have to save up for a DS24. ;)


  2. Cool, I have ordered what I need from your DIY page to get RFID working on my DS-16, but if you are going to be making a few to sell I'm keen on purchasing 4 of them. Just in case my DIY attempt is a dismal failure.

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