DC/DS-16 and Lua – Word of Caution

NOTE: This is fixed a long time ago – Please note the post date! (Note added march 2018)

Recent reports concerning Lua in DC/DS-16 makes me to believe that we are in “too much too soon”-situation.

It is stated by Jetimodel that maximum memory allowed for Lua-apps is 30kB. However vast majority of apps (including most of mine) use more than that. Some use 33kB, one even up to 40+ kB. (That is not mine tho)

it is also confirmed that loading a Lua-app of any size does indeed make some other functions unavailable.

Thoughts on the reason and how to fix

The 30kB memory limit is not monitored by firmware, that is a proven fact. One solution would be that the limit is monitored and any Lua-apps are simply killed if they use more than allowed memory.

There seems to be some underlying issues as well that have initially nothing to do with memory-usage. One of my apps takes 21kB in runtime, but some issues still happens in transmitter even when nothing in that Lua-app has anything to do with those areas of functions.

That is why…

I am strongly advising you NOT to use ANY Lua-apps when using your model until all these quirks are fixed. If you are stubborn and use something, make absolutely sure you test everything thoroughly.

What’s next?

Jetimodel have proven to be fast in responding to quirks in software. I would not be surprised if some information would come quite fast. We have to remember that Jetimodel is on X-Mas holiday at the moment. NONE of these issues have been reported to exist in DC-24. My own testing supports this also, no issues there.

I will continue to make some 16-version Lua-apps as usual since I hope all these issues will be fixed in near future.

All findings are reported to Jetimodel.

This is highly personal opinion, read as such!

I have no official affiliation with Jetimodel, nor am I any form of professional what comes to firmware-level programming or Lua-programming. All text above is based on either what I have found out myself or have confirmed myself from forum-post’s of different issues.

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