WarmTX – Make your flying season longer!

We’ve all been there, well almost all. It’s chilly, fingers are getting numb, looking at the heli or plane in the air we can notice movements are not that smooth anymore.

There is an alternative, get a WarmTX!

WarmTX is a well-proven product designed and manufactured in the land of Santa Claus and reindeer’s, Finland. Winters can be a bit chilly here, temperatures of -25°C (-13°F) are not uncommon. And then we are not talking about the wind-factor yet….

 WarmTX is in essence a very simple product, plug a 3-6S LiPo to controller and two 100x100mm (approx. 4″x4″) pads are emitting heat. That’s it, almost.

It’s a bit more refined:

  • Takes 3-6S LiPo
  • Up to 75W heating effect
  • 6 power-settings to choose from
  • When changing LiPo’s WarmTX remembers last setting used
  • Automatic cut-off, never drain your LiPo’s!

Take a peek on the manual here!

One example on installation and things to remember

Well, let’s face it, it’s a heater. It’s supposed to get hot. And yeas, heat might burn if used wrongly. So before going nuts in the comfortable autumn-weather take a minute and think things through a bit.

I have a Raydiowarm mitt I like a lot, some say the angle on arms is a bit strange (wide) and while it’s true it does not bother me too much. Had this for years, it’s not made anymore but I got one used in perfect condition.


As you can see I have placed the controller on top. It’s mainly there so it would not disturb me inside the mitt. Also I left my battery-cable long, sometimes I have the battery on table, this gives me reach. It is recommended to keep the battery-cable as short as possible of course.

Heating pads

The heating pads can be placed in any way you like, here’s one example:


I have placed mine close to hands, it is after all hands they are supposed to keep warm. This is what it looks like inside:


Good room for transmitter also:


Hands, yes. This might give you the final point:


The pad is right next to my hand (not touching) so the heat is coming with minimal power-setting. This also makes the battery last longer. (Check out the calculator on WarmTX product-page.)

Oh. And one more point.

Yes. Material matters. Based on pictures from users you CAN melt material in the radio-mitt. And yes, you CAN melt your transmitter’s chassis… (Obviously that was not metal-framed Jeti…) Remember, once again, it’s a heater and it’s supposed to be warm!

Tested in…

In these kind of post’s there’s always a “I have tested this in..”-statement. So. It’s been tested in -30°C in Finland. Yes, I was freezing my butt off. But also yes, my hands felt great while flying. It was the battery-changing in the heli that was the coldest part :)

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