One milestone was achieved in august!

For the first time in RC-Thoughts history I got over 10000 pageviews in a month (august)! It’s been in the making several months coming very close but now it got over and with a good marginal!


How did this happen?

Analyzing a bit on subject reason is quite easy to find. I was on summer-vacation and got my DC-24. That was a quite good combination, quite many articles on different subjects and publishing of LUA-Apps were the kicker’s for this small step.

As always, if you get any ideas for me to write about or have anything to correct in my articles just shout out here!

Coming soon

I’m currently in process of translating all my LUA-Apps (RC-Thoughts Jeti Tools available here) to german. I chose to do this with external language-file since this way it is very easy for “non-coding” users to add their own language if needed.

Also I’m looking into a in-depth article about Sleipnir-speed measurement (here) now that this years last Speed Cup event is coming closer.

So stay tuned, it will be a interesting autumn!

Big thanks to all of you!


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