Heli-camps! Here we go again!

Best sign of summer coming, heli-camps are starting!

It’s busy times ahead!

First off is the traditional spring-camp in Turku, starting tomorrow. This time it is going to be a bit different since I’m not doing any flying (read: crashing…) since I’m unfortunately still without a radio. So I’m aiming my focus to arrangement of the first competition in our Speed Cup 2016.


Measurement is done with my Sleipnir-setup and it will be fun to see how it copes with different heli’s.

No time to rest after trip to Turku, next week is time for a first time in Habo, Sweden. Should really be a fun trip, Mikado will be there, some kids named Dunkan Bossion and Valerio Bottero are also rumored to do some hovering there :) I’ve read so much good things about Habo-meeting for some years now so now it’s time to see it in action!

Weekend after Habo it’s time to get so far up north it’s unbelievable, ~850 km up north to Ylläs-region in Finnish lappland for Woodship-Meet. So incredible nice nature, great people and really amazing road-trip! Will be fun again this year!

Again, just a week after Woodship it’s time to round up the four-weekend-around-scandinavia with TEP-Camp in Seinäjoki. A really cool two-day event with a lot of multi’s present and truly fun gang to hang out with!

Last year I crashed my 800 Xxtreme three times on camps, I know it will survive at least the first heli-camp…

Now, only if I had a radio…. Working on it…

Since picture says more than words….

Black dot is home, blue dot’s are heli camp-sites!


Remaining blue dot’s not described yet are autumn-camps in Selänpää (south) and Oulu (north), these are in september so some time still to go there :)

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