Jeti DC/DS-24 – What’s new?

There’s been a buzz about DS-24 for a long time now and there’s always been the question “what will be changed” in everyone’s lips. Well, now we know at least something with the release of Jetimodel Catalog 2016 (DE only). Here goes some confirmed information.

Changes between DS-16 and DS-24

We do have to keep one thing in mind. DC-24 is about ready, DS-24 will be available with present knowledge in Q3/Q4 of 2016 so something might still change.

If we go through the specifications we can find following:

  • 24 proportional channels (Well, DS-16 got these with FW 4.00 but anyway)
  • 900MHz system, (863 – 879MHz in EU) added redundancy on a totally different frequency
  • 30 free mixes (DS-16 has 20)
  • Audio player now support’s Mp3-files
  • FM-radio
  • Microphone to record own audio-files
  • Vibrating sticks (“Haptic feedback”)
  • Color-display
  • Possibility to have background-picture of (for example) the model (Yes, catwalk-models do apply too!)
  • 24 logical switches (DS-16 has 16)
  • 24 direct inputs (DS-16 has 16)
  • 16 telemetry devices (DS-16 has 8) Note: This means units, not values!
  • 40 sounds on events (DS-16 has 20)
  • 64 telemetry values shown on display (DS-16 has 32)
  • 8Gb SD-card from factory (DS-16 has 4Gb)

There are some other minor differences. The screen is 320x240px in both DS-16 and DS-24 but in the DS-24 it is 3,5″ when it was 3,8″ in DS-16. The difference will almost be unnoticed by most of us, we just see it as “more precise” sense DPI will be little bit higher.

Since there are 3 transmitter-modules there will be five antennas, 2+2 for 2,4GHz and 1 for 900MHz. The battery is the 5200mAh Li-Ion we all know already, in my experience this is more than plenty. Of course the color-display will take a bit more power but I really do not see this as any issue whatsoever.

Measurements and form-factor is exactly the same, also the weight stays at the same 1,25kg.

Why trade to DS/DC-24?

Well, if you’re happy and you do not use your transmitter’s programmable options to limit’s or do not need the FM-radio, feedback-sticks etc, then there is no point to make the swap. According earlier email-correspondence there will not be any trade-up program from Jetimodel’s part so that is also one thing to think about.

Will I myself do the trade?

Yes, absolutely. There are issues with my DS-16, for example I need (ok, I want…) more logical switches. Also one thing I’m very curios about is to bind the feedback-sticks to FBL-gyro’s vibration value, that might be something useful, we’ll see.

Source for this post

Jeti Catalog 2016 available here.

8 thoughts on “Jeti DC/DS-24 – What’s new?

  1. I would expect the same features between the DS24 and DC24; same as today with the DC/DS 16

    It looks like EspritModel is stocking the new black switch trim nuts as well

    I would like to try combining an Mspeed with the haptic feedback to setup a "stick shaker" for stall speed warning
    I am curious if the level if vibration us adjustable… As a DC "pinch" flyer, the last thing I want us the stick vibrating out from my fingers in a stall!

    Really enjoy your website, thanks again for setting it up

  2. I'm pretty sure the amount of feedback is adjustable on some pattern. It would be practically unusable with only one force-setting. Also there are unconfirmed rumors about LUA-scripting that would be absolutely fantastic to use in this. I have sent questions to Jeti about LUA but have no answers as of today. And thanks, I'll try to keep up the work with site :)

  3. I currently own a DS-16. I am considering purchasing the DS-24. I have a few questions and comments:

    1) I cannot see the current display with polarized sunglasses. Will I be able to see the DS-24 display with polarized glasses?

    2) I really like the "chrome look" of the buttons, switch nuts, and rims around the gimbals. The pictures show that the DS-24 now has these parts in black color and they look to be plastic. Will there be a version of the DS-24 with this plastic parts in chrome?

  4. Looking at the currently announce prices by espritmodels and by hacker of around $2200 it's too high!
    I would expect something around $1850, but definitely below $2000. The product is putting it self out of the market. Jeti doesn't have the same customer base as Futaba. There will be a few early adopters and that's it.

  5. MicroSD card. I upgraded the stock DS-16 4GB microSD card with a high quality 16GB microSD card. Is it recommended to upgrade the stock DS-24 8GB microSD card with a higher quality microSD card? If so, what microSD card specification limits can the DS-24 handle?

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