Jeti -16 vs. -24, what’s up?

There’s been a lot of discussions and guessing regarding the features between -16 and -24 series of Jeti transmitters recently on different forums. And to be honest, all of them of a reason.

We, the user’s, do like to know things. And every time manufacturer is going to release a new product the fact’s are somewhat unknown until the day of release. So. Here are some opinions and fact’s.

New things in -24 series

Well, it’s covered here. So I’m not going to dig into this in this post. The point is, this the FEATURES. It seems that quite a lot of people (like myself) are interested also in the changes on hardware.

This is where it becomes tricky. Jetimodel is of course, for obvious reasons, pretty quiet about this. And I do not blame them, why would they shout out the specific’s about their solutions on how to tie HW to SW? I know I would not be very specific about it. But, we do have some clues.

Say what?

First of all, the debate of “will -24 features be available on -16 -series”?

To say it straight up, no, they will not be. At least not all of them. Plain and simple, -16 series and -24 series have a) different CPU-power and/or CPU’s, and also b) different amount/setup of memory. We have no confirmed data on how, but we do have confirmed data that it is in fact different:

My question to Jetimodel regarding “what’s new in -24”, one specific question:

About new hardware in DC/DS-24 compared to DC/DS-16, changed processors? 
Internal memory? New connectivity? Compatible spare-parts with DC/DS-16?

And the answer from Jetimodel:

Due to color LCD we had to change  many components including memories, 
processors and many others. The other parts like switchers, trayes, stick 
ends are the same like for DC-16.

Also my question to Jetimodel regarding “Is LUA coming, if so, when?”, the answer:

It will be available for DC/DS-24 since the start of production.
For others there is not sufficient hardware, especially memory. At the
moment we are finishing the interface and documentation.

So we have a pretty damn conclusive idea of few things: a) -24 hardware will be different compared to -16 hardware and b) some of new features in -24 will never be implemented to -16 due hardware limitations.

What should we concentrate on?

As always, of course I do have an opinion. We should concentrate on having fun in and with our hobby. We should concentrate on flying our models, planes or heli’s or what-not. For us tech-freaks out there, well, I think the discussions will never stop. And why should it, it’s fun.

But. We should aim ourselves away from rumors and hear-say.  Let’s try to stick to fact’s, it is after all possible with little or no effort.

But now, go out and fly ;)

One thought on “Jeti -16 vs. -24, what’s up?

  1. The hardware geek me says I WANT! The practical "heli only" pilot in me says, The DS-14 is just fine! lol

    The hardware upgrades and LUA make it kind of irresistible. Plus the color screen is just too "sexy".

    If business "upticks", I will probably own a DS-24. someday… ;)

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