Helicamp Oulu 2015

The story

As usual, last of the seasons helicamp’s it was time for Helicamp Oulu in northern finland, only a week after autumn camp so the end of summer is almost as busy as spring and beginning of the summer.


Camp is held at Ahmonsuo airport (EFAH, blue dot on the map), it’s an excellent place to do RC-flying, orientation of the airstrip is perfect sun being behind the back for the whole day. Also the landing strip is a bit lower than the place where the pilot stands so one get’s the feeling of unlimited space even more. And space, there is a huge space available! I like that very much, my flying style is pretty mucg big air and in Oulu it really is BIG air, always a huge smile on my face when flying there!

The surroundings are fantastic in Oulu!


Accommodation was again at the local club’s clubhouse about 30 meters from the pit, really great! And as we are in Finland, the sauna was hot on the evening :) Really excellent facilities and with great people really a great trip once again!

The weather

Well. What can I say. T-shirt’s on, burned my face  in the sun a bit on saturday… Total 180 compared to last weekends autumn camp. We really enjoyed!

This picture was taken for the purpose of “what do you fly with your Jeti”, gives good picture of the weather, not a cloud on sight!


Once again the big bird flew really great, no bigger issues. Since it’s still on test-phase I’ve been cheap with locktite. I got burned on that one, had to beg for some screws after a few 380+ ampere flights :) (Thanks Ville!)

Fashion models 700 & 800 Xxtreme

One guy had his Logo 700 Xxtreme there so we took some comparison pictures.


The size-difference would be even more if I had the original off-road landing-gear on. I just don’t like them, too high so I have mine a bit like “low-rider” :)


Since one of them is with original tail and one is modded I had to take a few pictures of that:



The people on Helicamp Oulu were once again totally fantastic! Absolutely lovely trip and I have to be at least in coma for not to drive there next year again!


And to the end, I posted the “man and heli”-picture to one IRC-channel, immediately one guy said “it needs explosions”. After one minutes another guy posted a link to this one below. Have a nice day everyone!


I’d like to thank Himmeli and Teemu K for some great pictures!

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