UltraGuard firmware 2.01


Word got out, there’s officially a new firmware out for UltraGuard from Optipower.

What’s new?

Changelog from 2.0 is  as follows:

  • Lower maximum charge-current
  • Better balancing

The reason for lowering the charge-current is actually forced from users misusing the unit. There’s users who does not disconnect the UltraGuard’s battery during long storage-times (Winter, for example). This is wrong and also against the UltraGuard manual. Reason is very simple, by leaving the LiPo connected during long storage period deep-discharges the LiPo eventually damaging it.

Now, when the user takes the model out in the spring the LiPo is dead and on the first use when charging there is a risk for flames. I say risk, it’s of course not a sure thing but anyway.  We all know how LiPo’s burn, not nicely. Therefore, lower charge current -> lower risk for this after wrong usage. And yes, I like the safety-features, simple fact is that most accident’s are user-originated.


The link for the upgrading-guide can be found here: http://j-log.eu/wp-content/uploads/UG/ULTRA%20Guard%20firmware%20upgrade.pdf

The link for the .exe is in the pdf-file.

Upgrade is quite safe, if you do something wrong device is just not being updated. Follow the guide and you’ll be fine.

I did this to the one unit I have with USB-port, easy and fast upgrade. You do need a lot of hands…


Optipower UltraGuard powered by LogicSwitch pictured.


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