Model Expo 2015 pictures

The finnish RC-heli society RC-kopterit ry was participating in Model Expo 2015 fair in Helsinki last weekend. Sadly we were one of the few societies that really put effort in the display of hobby. Nevertheless it was a tough but fun weekend.

We had a great busy display all through friday to sunday and on top of that we had three flight-show’s per day with all the bells and whistles. We had the great opportunity to display all aspect’s of hobby in action with everything from mini-copters as Walkera Mini-CP to 3D flying and FAI F3C heli’s in air without forgetting multi’s and FPV. Especially FPV was a huge hit, 250 quad was flying and audience had the chance to look through the glasses, higly popular. We definitely need to have more glasses at the same time next year. Another great trick was to fly those micro-quads (Cheerson CX-10’s etc) on the stand, flippin and rollin, excellent “walk-stoppers”! Hardly no-one walked by without stopping when those were in the air. (That means all the time…)

A few pictures from the fair:

First the stand, we had about 30 heli’s on display all the time:



Absolutely beautiful Bell AH-1W “Whiskey” Super Cobra in 1:8 scale


And few detail-shots



The Captain Veeti is owner’s god-son who wanted a call-sign of “Bug” ;)

The iCharger Touch was on display also, had pretty good discussions around the subject.


And last, I did some of the flying too


Welcome to Model Expo 2016 again after 12 months!

Thanks to Tommi for pictures!

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