Real Flight USB-dongle revisited

As I have stated sometime before I hate wires. The USB-dongle from Real Flight is equipped with monster-length cable out-of-box. And since I’m using Real Flight wireless there’s no need to have those long ugly cables so warm up the soldering iron and search for wire-cutters…

Starting-point is here, not so nice.


The procedure is simple, open the dongle (pics in previous post) and shorten the USB-cable. Result is so much better and easier to use.


And while we are at it why not shorten the RSat2 antennas. No need to worry anything about range since the usage is anyway just a few meters indoors. Important! Just cutting ain’t enough. The cable is coaxial so make sure the signal-wire don’t touch the shield! Strip the shield for a few millimeters to be sure. Just to make it neat I also re-used the yellow shrink-tube. Came out pretty nice.


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