Define “FUN”?

How to define “FUN”?

Hmm, I think everyone define’s “FUN” on their own way, at least I had way too much fun today. My “beater-heli” is the good old Align TRex 500 EFL I bought used almost two years ago. It’s been crashed and rebuilt numerous times but there’s no way I could give it away, just too much fun.

Most of us have a “beater”, one that can be used to do “anything” without too much worries about price or feelings of being too sorry after an crash. With my 500 it’s almost always just a laugh after a crash.

Stock setup is with 12T pinion and 136 main gear, giving an gear-ratio of 11,33. With the Scorpion HK-3226 1600KV motor max is somewhere around 3000 rpm with my beaten-down batteries. (Flight time between two minutes and almost four minutes, usually just two…)

I wanted some “FUN”

So I got an 14T pinion giving me a gear-ratio of 9.71 and a rpm’s in 3500-range. This should be fun… My flying style with this heli is usually pitch either in -100 or in +100, very little in between… :)

On with it…

It flew very nice, I think I smiled the whole 70 seconds the battery took to drain :) The speed was out of this world and there’s absolutely some more flights with this setup coming, pure, utter FUN :)

So. Why would we buy expensive speed controllers when a stock 70A ESC is enough? :) (Measured with MUI150 + Jeti DS-16, screenshot from LogView Studio) Honestly I was waiting for the ESC to melt but it was barely warm upon landing…


Of course, I took care of safety also ;)


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