Jeti – Tips and Videos

If you are a new Jeti-user you might be overwhelmed on the different possibilities to do things you want the Jeti ecosystem to do. But no fear, there’s quite a lot help available!

Programming Tips and Examples

Tips and examples are found on various places, for example on this site, have a look in the menu under “How To’s”. However, there are other places to look if you get stuck. Jetimodel them selves have stepped up lately with their excellent “Question of the week” found HERE. It is now updated quite regularly again, great job there!.

But there’s one place which never fails. Head on to RCGroups radio-forum HERE, look for the long, and I mean LONG, thread “Jeti 12/14/16/24 2.4GHz/900MHz Radios, Telemetry & Device Integration” and you have a ton of information. No matter what the issue is, if everything else fails just ask there and someone will answer, most likely there’s always someone who already did solve the same issue. A truly great thread with a lot of Jeti-competence!

Harry’s Videos

You just have to check Harry’s videos out. Things are explained in a very good way and the pace is great to use while playing around with your transmitter. So head on HERE to have a look!

Brilliant work there Harry. keep it up!

Esprit Tech Video’s

Another place is Esprit Tech’s videos HERE. There are a lot of different kind of videos so the Jeti-specific are mixed in there. They have a “Jeti Programming Guides” playlist but that is unfortunately not maintained so it’s not up to date. (Esprit, wink wink…!)

Esprit, please fix the Jeti playlist, would make life a bit easier for us noobs! :)

Always Remember

Jeti usually has many ways to do some task. Pick one that suits you and your use, and remember to have fun with the hobby!

Photo by Daniel Larson – published with kind permission!

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