Firmware 5.02 – Highlights And Notes


So. Jetimodel have just rolled out firmware 5.02 to transmitters. Let’s look at some things, shall we? I’m not going through everything, but some points might be good to know.

Do not update in hurry!

This time the update takes a long time! Well, that is what some people say. The actual update to my DC-24 from 4.28 to 5.02 took 16 minutes. The reason is the big amount of files needed for the new help function. So, start the update and get yourself a cup of java and relax, it will take some time.

New and modified stuff

Help is new, as said earlier. if you see he talk-bubble with question mark in the upper right corner you can press Meni-button to get Help. Might come handy when you forget something or when starting to use your new transmitter. File Browser is also new, nifty tool to to check content of transmitter.

Screenshots, finally saved in PNG-format! (DS-12, DC/DS-24) This reduces file-size significantly and is a very welcome function.

New Timer-things

Timer is one of the foundation functions to many users. One quite often talked about issue have been the limit of 30 lines in timer jsn-files. This limit is now raised from 30 to 80, and especially some glider-people will like this. You can now also enable or disable voice or vibration reports in Timer-menu if both are available in the timer report profile.

Lua – New lua libraries!

Should come as no secret, I like lua…. Firmware 5.02 comes with updated lua API, we are now in version 1.5 of that.

We now have a new command “openExternal”, meaning we can open external file or system dialog. For example, we can open a html-page, or any setting-page like transmitters Timer-menu etc.

Another new detail is reading of switches. we can now determine the used switch mode meaning proportional, inverted, etc. As an quick example we could check if switch is used the correct way as the app-developer needs.

Creating of switch, creates a new SwitchItem user data that can be used in the form components to retrieve the switch value later. Confused? How about this: You can now create a proportional switch in lua that is activated when stick P1 is in certain position, and you can set the position in lua. Up til now we have had the opportunity to make only one P1 switch (unless we waste logical switches), now we can do this straight in la too. What this does gives even more versatility to lua.

Small but wanted thing, no more spacers in lua forms! Finally we can align for example select box to right!

What can I say, I like lua :)

New definition files

As pretty much always, some new definition files (.bin) are updated. You should have gotten info on this in Jeti Studio some days ago, so take the time and update those too.


There is a small possibility that some of your models will lose lua-apps. This might happen because fw 5.02 calculates application id differently than in the past. Quick browse trough my models did not lose anything. But as usual, always test all functions after update, we all do that anyway, right? Right?

Update, Check, go out and fly!

3 thoughts on “Firmware 5.02 – Highlights And Notes

  1. update take a lot of time:
    # If we have deleted languages from the transmitter earlier ( eg: i use English, so i had deleted all other languages from the transmitter voice file.
    Guess its better we leave all files in the transmitter….not to delete any factor voice( .wave files) at all

    1. I don't see any reason to delete them, the space available in SD-card is way more than we will ever need :)

  2. Heard with 5.02FW its easy to buddy using cable ( JETI/master- Spectrum/student)
    Can someone guide me

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