Lua-app DualTurbine is released

After a request from France there’s a new Lua-app out for the big boys with two turbines in same plane. Reader who contacted wanted an easy way to monitor the two turbines rpm’s and to get an alarm when there is a difference.

The conventional way of telemetry-alarms have difficulties in making the alarm when it should compare some other, always also changing, telemetry-value.

But we have Lua, so let’s make it!

Introducing RCT-DualTurbine!

Quite little settings, one informative telemetry-screen, that’s all that is needed!


And features are not too shabby either!

Featured functions

  • One telemetry screen with all info
  • Shows both rpm’s in the same screen
  • Shows bar graph with relative rpm’s
  • Alarm activated from any switch user chooses
  • Alarm when rpm’s differ with user selectable amount
  • Voice-announcement separately for left or right turbine for too low rpm

Available for DC/DS-24, requires firmware 4.22 or higher. App does not run with older firmware.

Check the DualTurbine Page

To read the setup-process and usage and to get it go to DualTurbine page here!

One thought on “Lua-app DualTurbine is released

  1. Great stuff, will give a try this week-end to my Mako A10 using 2 Kingtech 45 turbines with Xicoy sensors and let you know results.

    Thanks for the great work

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