Jeti Studio 1.0.5 is out

New version is out, version is now 1.0.5.

What’s new or changed?

No release notes available but here’s something I found out from the interwebs:

  • Log-files can be sorted by date
  • Some XP-users are getting dll-error, at least “dwmapi.dll” is mentioned

How to update to 1.0.5?

Start your Jeti Studio. If it does not tell you that there is update available go to “Help” -> “Check for updates” and do the update. Internet connection is required. If this does not work you can start the “maintenancetool.exe” from Jeti-Studio directory.

Jetimodel, here’s a free advice:

  • Update your webpage when you release something!
  • No release-notes for Jeti Studio 1.0.5 available, site is on 1.0.4
  • Your page does not show Assist-receivers but shops do?
  • Your page does not show DS-24 but we can buy it?
  • C’mon guys, get your web-team away from Coca-Cola and push them to keyboard ;)

Just a friendly advice, and it was free! :)

Photo by Daniel Larson – Published with permission

7 thoughts on “Jeti Studio 1.0.5 is out

  1. Hi Tero,
    Just for info, I downloaded the update which stalled during the process and then couldn't open Jeti Studio.
    I removed the studio programme with the intention of re-installing and somehow lost everything I had in my Jeti folder, back ups etc. Disaster!



  2. Wow. Sorry to hear that :(
    I never keep any backups in any folders related to any programs. Don't ask me how I know…

  3. Hello Teros,

    The release notes for Jeti Studio 1.05 can you find in the program. Klick on "Help" and "Changelog".
    Jeti Studio can now download files fron the MGPS. But can not remove the files from the MGPS. For this you need the progrm Getgps1.

    With greetings,


  4. The lua dumper (compiler) still does not generate the correct code on the Mac. The updater on the Mac does not work as you have to run the maintenance tool directly and not from the Studio software.

    Oh well maybe the next update will work ;-)

  5. I'm curious how it fails on mac? Does it generate code that does not work or something else?

    1. It doesn't generate the same bytecode as the windows one. If you run a bitwise comparison between the two .lc files they are different. It means that for my dev I run the .lua apps until I am ready to release and then fire up a windows VM and run the dumper.

  6. Hmm, i wonder if mac has native compilers or something that disturbes that. You know you can ryn dumper in transmitter too? (24 is better due memory-limits)

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