Workplace – It really was time…

…to clean it up!

You know when…

…you just “keep on working” and first there’s just some small wires left on the table. Then there’s PCB’s. Then there’s packing material, tape, tools, receivers, Arduino’s, sensor-modules… You know I could keep the list going on forever.

Do that for several years without any proper organizing-day and you end up with this.

Looking carefully you can spot the protoboard with Arduino and a sensor-module. Barely.

All the work started because I simply couldn’t find any more test-leads for the protoboard and started searching the “table” for them. Did not found them, but found 5 pcs of USB-TTL programming cables. And they’re not that small..

So. Today I finally did it. I cleaned the table, organized a working environment for me where everything has a place and everything is close. Everything really has a place, I can see the TV above shrink-tube’s :)

I think I have deserved a cup of coffee :)

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