RC-Thoughts Firmware Uploader!

I would be happy if people would test RC-Thoughts Firmware Uploader in various computers.


  • 32-bit software, runs in 32/64-bit Windows
  • Uses avrdude for the actual upload
  • Minimal hazzle with settings
  • Indicates successful or failed upload

Comparison to XLoader

  • More reliable status of upload-process
  • Always shows correctly successful / failed upload
  • Faster timeout in case of failed upload
  • Works with 3.3V 8Mhz and 5V 16Mhz Arduino Pro Mini’s without settings-changes

Main difference to XLoader is that often XLoader does not update the status-strip. Also XLoader does not monitor the avrdude-process so user needs to open taskmanager and kill it.

RC-Thoughts Firmware Uploader tries to make sure avrdude-process is not left to hang. Also there is no need to close/reload the app in case of missed upload.

Timing of pressing “Upload” and pressing Arduino’s reset-button is as critical as before, this has to do with avrdude. You’ll get really consistent result if you first press the upload-button and then quickly with same hand press the reset-button on the Arduino. As with any other avrdude-uploader, you’ll just have to learn it.


From the zip-package HERE. (v.1.0) – UPDATED, please look here.

Extract zip-package and run RC-FW_Uploader.exe. The folder “Extras” has two Arduino Blink-files to test with. If you do not see correct serial-port you can re-scan port’s with the “Scan”-button.

If you have any issues please notify me via contact-page here.

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