Jeti G-Force Sensor is updated

The Jeti G-Force Sensor here is updated to v.1.3.


  • Removed pitch/Roll angles. Does not work in real life, may come back to this at some point.
  • Added possibility of raw or filtered values
  • Added posibility to shoe values with 1 or 2 decimals (ie. 0.0G or 0.00G)
  • Calibration now done with 0.01G precision.
  • Jetibox menu’s reworked

As usual, get the latest info and user-guide from the sensor-page here and the latest code in github here.


Raw vs. Filtered values?

Filtering smooths out values, in short it’s averaging with a formula. Some may not like it due the (really small) delay it adds to sensor-values but it does make more readable logs without tampering with raw data too much. Filtering implemented and proposed by JSF-TC @RC-Groups, big thanks!

Here’s an example of filtered vs raw values:

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