Nuremberg Toy Fair 2017 – Whats new?

We’ve been reading forums, we have some pictures. Let’s try to dig deeper, right?

What do we know is coming?

Let’s have a look on pictures posted on forums, these three were posted on news:

Jeti REX6 Assist mounted on a demo-Mustang:

DC-16 with new antenna design from 24-series:

And of course the highly waited DS-24 with color display and a small surprise:

Let’s have a deeper loo to these news!

REX Assist receiver

These have been coming for a significant time now. We do know that they are coming in REX6, 8, 10 and 12 versions. But i have something else for you, let’s go through parts of the REX Assist Wizard as seen in transmitter.

On first page simply  a mode-selection (not model…), at least airplane and multicopter-modes available:

Some model details needs apparently set too:

As usual with gyros the orientation needs to be told:

How channel assignments work will be seen, still room for some speculation here. Would really love to play around with one unit :)

REX Assist Telemetry

Now this is cool. Let’s hava glimps on telemetry from Assist receiver. First sensors, there’s angles, accelerometer in all axis of course, gyro speed in all axis and nagnetometer also in all axis. Looks like REX Assist also has pressure-sensor since there is altitude ans vario as telemetry-value too.

No gyro is is complete without some form of vibration analysis, so of course that is found too. great for the quick issues but understandable the small screen on transmitter makes the need for a logfile necessary too sometime. Previous information is that all values should be logged, however all this needs to be confirmed when manuals etc are coming out.

How would you like to have a bigger “flight position view”? Includes compass heading, speed, height ascending/descending-information etc. Really cool.  :)

This will truly be an interesting product! Almost makes me wanna put one of my planks together again!

Now, about the DC-16 and antenna?

DC-16 have gotten the new antenna, and it’s straight from DC-24. The reason might be simply  a modernization of DC-16, it might also be that simply having just one design is not only cost-effective but also easier on service, spareparts etc. After all, we users drop transmitter. (I hope not too much…)


Ok, I saved this for last. DS-24 gave a small well-guarded secret out. We already know about the general design, same as DS-16, now with color-screen 320×240 and 3.5″ when in 16 it was 3.6″. i have been using my DC-24 since it came out and can say that screen brightness is way beyond the one in 16 and very much more readable in the sun.

Not going into SW-changes between 16/24, those are well documented already, but the backside of DS-24 gave us a little surprise:

Yes, buttons, sliders, knobs.. Let’s look closer. The small buttons on bottom are similar to trim-buttons, so nothing special there. Easy and comfortable trimming without taking hands of controls comes to mind.

The slider-switch above the “trim”-buttons is interesting. Naturally a conventional toggle-switch would not work here so this is a very logical choice. The slider-switch is a 2-position switch, most likely works as any other switch starting from Sa forward. While not the first in transmitters still very good thinking from Jetimodel.

On top is the knob/slider is by function similar as those on the side of DS-transmitter, form-factor looks a bit different. They have no ratchets but middle-position is recognizable. I like those, thay give user better control since fingers need to move less and are in more “normal” position and angle.

So, what’s next? When? Where?

Well, the “Where” is easy. In US check Espritmodel, in Europe check Hacker-Motor and other distributors. And most importantly, check Jetimodel. T he “when” is harder. Assist have been coming for quite some time, but honestly this looks very promising. DS-24 is carefully promised to spring 2017 so that should be close. Expect a lot of DS-16 to be on sale on forums soon…

What happens next for me is I’ll keep hitting F5 on Jetimodels sit to get my hands on some manuals….

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