Nuremberg Toy Fair 2017 – Whats new? Part II

Yesterday we took a glimpse on Assist-receivers, new DC-16 and of course DS-24. Today we’ll take a look what else Jetimodel have had on display.

New ESC’s

Mezon-series is getting new models, this time Pro and Opto-models. Pro models will come at this stage as 50A and 80A, Pro Opt (without BEC) as 55A and 85A models. Pro’s have a 15A BEC with voltage of 5 to 8.4V.

As a flyer of bigger helis my wait for ~200A ESC with Jeti integration goes on :)

Since all electronics in the chain ESC, receiver and transmitter comes from single manufacturer there is possibilities with seamless integration and this is exactly what Jetimodel have done. You can access settings in ESC via transmitters Device Manager with ease (sorry about the quality of pics, they’re taken from Esprit newsletter):

Looks like we also have an easy way to adjust settings:

And of course, quite nice availability with telemetry-values:


I really hope there is settings for gear ratio for the rpm :)

New sensors too!

A fair without new sensors would not be a fair. So there’s new sensors available:

  • MFLOW2 800
  • MFLOW2 3000
  • New MULi6

Looking closer about MFLOW’s, the 3000 is new, made for high flow jet’s for example with measuring capacity of up to 3000ml per minute. The 800-version is also renewed with the new electronic-unit called “integration unit”. Bith flow-sensors are now EX-capable. The integration unit will according previously released information be sold as an upgrade for owners of previous models of MFLOW.

About MULi6, three of these can now be chained so you can read 3 batteries of up to 6S each. The advertised “Up to 18S” should not be used in my opinion since you cannot use for example 2 x 8S batteries. So, “3 batteries with up to 6S each” is the bottom line. New MULi6 is also EX-compatible now.

New MRPM. This is something Jeti have not had before. Well, they have as DIY of course :) But now you will have a possibility to get a EX-enabled Hall-sensor for your gas- nitro or whatnot powered models. MRPM HALL has two inputs, unfortunately no information on for example settings or max. rpm. Most likely settings would include at least gear ratio and settings for count of magnets used.

Unfortunately no information on pricing, but it would be reasonable to assume these are priced really close to present sensors.

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