Year 2016 in numbers + Survey results

RC-Thoughts website have been “in action” now for two years and it’s time to look back a bit.

2016 in numbers

Traffic have been going up the whole time during these years which is nice to see. Short re-cap of 2016 looks like this:

  • Pageviews: 112 786
  • Unigue IP’s: 21474
  • Visits from google and other search-pages: 11406
  • Most popular pages: Text to Speech converter, Jeti Tools, How To summary-page
  • Most referring domains:,,

Looking a bit what kind of people come to RC-Thoughts:

  • English-language: 48%
  • German-language: 17%
  • Finnish-language: 7%
  • Frensch-language: 4%

Most of you (60%) use a Microsoft OS, 30% are on Apple’s OS X or iOS, Android-users represent 10% and around 2% are on linux. Chrome is a clear winner in browsers, Firefox and Safari second, IE coming last of the “big ones”.

There are some other numbers that are interesting, one of them being bounce rate which is very low. Bounce rate means that user stays on the site after arriving, user does not “bounce off” after first pageview but reads more pages. A number between 26 to 40% is considered as excellent, RC-Thoughts bounce rate is only 10.5%.

All this means in other words that I’m doing something right and there is something for you to read :)

User survey results

As a writer of this site it’s sometimes hard to know what you all would like to read and what you really think of this site. There is a contact possibility but quite rarely does anyone send any wishes of articles etc from that. Usually it’s questions on Jeti or Lua at the moment. So I thought I’d put up a short survey so I could get the current situation on where we are with the content, look and performance on the site. So let’s analyze the results a bit.

How likely is it that you would recommend to a friend or colleague?

This was a 0 to 10 points question, 81% would recommend the site for other (9-10), 16% did not quite know (16%) and 3% did not like the site. Overall result was 78% which I consider quite good. This results in Net Promoter Score to 78 and according wikipedia everything over 50 is considered as excellent. (Thanks to Jonas to clearing this for me!)

How would you rate the quality of

You did like the quality, that’s for sure. 98.3% stated RC-Thoughts to be very high or high quality.  1.7% was neutral, no lower numbers at all.

What changes would RC-Thoughts have to make for you to give it an even higher rating?

This is a little hard to read from results, a lot of “change nothing” but digging deeper a few requests on articles, one user wanted to get ready products from DIY-projects and one had a wish for mental telepathy to read his mind on questions :)

How responsive have we been to your questions or concerns about anything you have asked?

54.3% thought I was extremely or very responsive in getting back to you on your questions. 43% have not asked so they skipped this step. 2.7% though I was somewhat responsive, what is nice to see is that nobody said I was slow.

How user-friendly is web-page interface?

The overall look and usability of site have been a pain in the butt during these years. It has been very hard for me to think of and understand what and how you would like the site to look like and behave. Apparently I have guessed to the right direction, 93.3% stated the site to extremely or very user-friendly. 6.7% was neutral and no negative results at all. So, I’m on right track!

How often does our web-page freeze or crash?

I wanted to ask this since I have limited browsers and operating systems to test with. 90% had no issues, 8.3% had very rarely issues but then there was a few who picked the option “extremely often”. Since these are just a few users and comparing the visitors I have to guess that these users have some issues with their browsers or something else. (There are some exotic browsers in stat’s, like IE8…)

How satisfied are you with the look and feel of this website?

It’s very hard to pick a theme and colors for a site, apparently the black and orange colors work, 92% were extremely or very satisfied. 8% was neutral so maybe they do not care how it looks, just that information is there :)

How would you rate website speed and performance?

I’ve been  working a lot with server-configuration and server-optimization last autumn and I wanted to see if you notice any of that work. I was glad to see that you did, 22% stated the site to be extremely fast, 77% said it is very fast. Only one user stated moderate speed  and no slow responses at all.

What topics would you like to see RC-Thoughts doing articles about?

I had high hopes on this one. Sometimes I’ve noticed I’m in a situation where I’d like to write something but just don’t know what. So why not ask the readers? Here’s a few of your answers (in no particular order):

  • RFID with a Junsi 4010 :-)
  • DIY fuel sensor for jeti
  • More on making sensors and how interfacing to the Jeti works.
  • Further Lua scripts for us dolts who can’t figure it out…
  • I like to be surprised (<- I liked this one :)
  • Programming Lua
  • Videos on Jeti

Items that were on top was clearly Lua and everything DIY-related. I’m sure Lua will be represented in future but my limits with programming skills are close if not over already so that is one thing to think of. DIY is of course present even in future. There is the same limit’s, I’m no programming master or electrical engineer. One thing I’m trying to keep in mind is that the DIY needs to be something useful. There was some very good ideas that I will surely pick on later on.

Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?

I thought this would be the least answered question but I was wrong. Let’s have a look on some answers (in no particular order):

  • Great work thanks. A thought provoking resource
  • None
  • I really like it and enjoy the DIY pieces.
  • Keep up the good work, I have found it very informative and helpful.
  • Even more tutorials and jeti tricks
  • Thank you for your time and effort helping the RC community. Keep up the strong work.

Common theme of these answers really makes me humble and thankful. It is now a proven fact that I’ve done something right :)

Where to from here?

On to 2017! I know the shop is getting a new product really soon and another is in thoughts at the moment. News are also on the edge, currently the 16 and Lua is an topic we all are following closely. I do have some ideas for DIY also but before making anything of them I have to weigh in the usefulness of them. Basically if Jeti has a affordable product that does something very good there’s really no point in DIY. Other than “I wanna see if I can do it” :)

Thank You!

My most humble thanks to all of you out there. Words cannot express how much fun this all have been, all that is left is to get it even better!

Tero Salminen
RC-Thougths owner & editor

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