Snapper (Lua) updated!

Roman have been testing the Snapper extensively in past days and been emailing me about his findings. After noticing from videos he sent how he uses the app I saw that there has to be something strange going on deeper down.

Version 1.3 – Bugfix

In short, if stick was slammed fast to 100% the snapper did not always work. In order to this to happen a few things has to happen:

  • The area between activation-point and 100% needs to be quite small (Like 95% activation point as with Romans case)
  • Stick-movement going past activation-point and 100% had to happen in Lua-loop right after Lua-app reads stick
  • Stick had to be at exactly at 100% before next loop in Lua is executed.

So in short, you had to move the stick from a value under activation point to 100% in less than one Lua-loop, that is ~25ms. And turned out that was fully possible and easy.

The fix itself is easy and short, all versions are now updated in github:

  • Lua-versions for 16/24
  • Compiled versions for 16/24

As always, if you encounter anything strange let me know! Thanks for this one goes to Roman!


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