RFID-Sensor is pulled out from shop

I have today pulled the ready-made RFID-Sensor from shop due bug in software.


There is a bug in software that is in my opinion big enough to prevent me from selling RFID-Sensors at the moment. If user has batteries with more than 8192 mAh the capacity is shown wrong when capacity-value is transferred to transmitter.

Reason is datatype used in Jeti EX Sensor library (Not written by Jetimodel), not in the actual firmware of RFID-Sensor. I have began to rewrite the library on suitable parts but there is some minor issues with it still that needs to be resolved.


All old sensors are easy to update and detailed guide will be posted here when it’s time for that. No hardware-changes needs to be made, bug is software-only.

Who does this afffect?

Unfortunately everyone using RFID-Sensor with current firmware.

Sorry for any inconvenience this might have brought to you.

4 thoughts on “RFID-Sensor is pulled out from shop

  1. I demand a full refund :-)

    no only Joking great product which arrived safely thank you, just need the time to have a play with it, great that you are on top of any issues

    Top Man

    1. This is embarrasing.. I don't use that big batteries myself and thought that it was well tested. Hard way to learn that point I guess.

      I'm glad I did thorough work on the HW-side, that would have been worse. SW is relatively easy to fix.

  2. I would put it back on the shop but note the bug. I suspect it's a minority of people flying with batteries that have more than 2^13 mAh capacity… A simple fix would be to use 1 of the available 13 bits to represent whether the capacity is in mAh or Ah and then the 12 bits (up to 4096 mAh or 4096 Ah (which would be a huge battery :-) for the capacity. In my case (10s, 5000mAh) that would mean the Ah bit would be on, and then it would read 5 Ah.


    1. All fixed now. What comes to capacity there's a lot fo drone-pilots who use batteries way over 8192mAh :)

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