All Jeti Tools apps and Sensors updated!

I have made some changes to all RC-Thoughts Jeti Tools apps and all sensor-projects to make everything easier and more efficient to you.

Lua apps

All Lua apps have now the memory-optimized compiled .lc version available in github. The .lua version is also available in case you want to read them or make alterations. So from now on the .lua file should be consider as source-code and the .lc version as the Lua app you as user put in your transmitter. The Lua installation guide here is also updated.

Sensors and other Arduino-projects

All projects having a Arduino got a ready-compiled .hex file to github. It’s a lot easier to load the .hex to Arduino with XLoader than earlier with Arduino IDE installation with libraries etc. The RFID-Sensor page has a step-by-step how to, have a look.

If you for some reason do not see the updated pages refresh your browser with F5.

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